Dresser is a Coffee Table

Our services were requested in reforming a dresser into a new use of a coffee table
Here is the dresser, already a beautiful piece. Sorry for the dust!



First I had to plan which part of the dresser would make the best coffee table the middle section would work the best, based on the shape of the drawers.


Then it was cut in half and placed back to back. But this was trickier than you first think.  Just turning it back on itself, put all the drawers on one side, and the open section on the other, so it had to be flipped upside down and the drawer glides and hardware put on upside down, so that each side would look the same, and creating a cubby hole and drawers on opposite of each other, also making it more stable structurally.




The top of the dresser, naturally is only as wide as the dresser, so it didn’t leave any over hang on the top, it didn’t look right, so after some consideration I decided the best option was to add more wood to the top, but then how to make it look like part of the plan?

Wine glass holders! Seeing how, my friends and I like the occasional glass or so of wine, usually also resulting in a spilled glass. (by the usual culprit)



The corners of the table were reinforced for weight on the top by thick wooden dowels.

A bit of 2×4 trim around the bottom to make a solid frame… unfortunately the original legs had to be removed from the table. Try made the combined height of the table 24″. Instead we used plastic gliding feet.


Apart from the wooden dowel, the wine glass holder and the 2×4’s,  everything else including the screws are original!


A fresh coat of melamine paint. And we are good to go. The wine glass holders painted in chalkboard paint, so the wine glasses can be personalized so you don’t lose track of which poison in yours!!

Who is ready for games night now???


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