About Us

Hi! We’re Jason and Ric, We are the team at Past to Polished.

IMG_20150412_161228_edit [25122]

Building, fixing and refinishing is our passion. An evening of hammering, sawing, sanding, staining or painting and brainstorming Ideas is more therapeutic to us than an evening of watching t.v. (although we do still make time for T.V.)

We’ve been on the hunt looking for old Relics that people have out grown and don’t have much of a use for any more, turning them into conversation pieces or just something you wouldn’t expect to find.  With our Repurposing or Upcycling our goal is to make a quality finished product that is “Polished” without wiping clean the piece’s life “Past”. We feel our piece’s should also carry some little  battle scars, while repairing the unsightly.

We also do some refinishing, freshening up stale piece’s of furniture and Updating them. Making everything we sell unique and One-of-a-kind.

Have a piece at home that you can’t bear to get rid of, but keep in the Garage or Storage because it no longer fits your space?  We take them from their out dated previous lives, breathe new life into them polish them up and give them a new life, A new Purpose. Fall in love with them again!!

We’ve just begun our upcycling and this Blogging is definitely something that’s new to us as well!!

Here we Go!

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