Dresser / Bench

Unfortunately we find ourselves in the same old situation where we neglected to take before AND during pics….

Here’s a long story short…. basically the original plan was just to paint the dresser and call it a day. Buuuut, that was just too easy!

The top of the dresser was removed. And flipped up to be the backrest.

A few sections of braces were removed And a new seat was placed above the lower set of drawers. Some veneer was placed on the inside to cover the skeleton. We sliced the edges off one of the excess drawers to make arm rests…..

Sounds easy, right?!?

The paint was a can Of “oops paint” which I made into a chalk paint, and it was finished with a black wax. The seat is made of plywood, brushed with white wash and plaster, sanded and glazed brown. The handles were left in original condition.. they had been painted off-white and over the years the white paint has worn off, and the original gold color is peeking through.

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