Dresser chop!

Here’s another piece of furniture that we chopped up! This four drawer dresser wasn’t in great shape, the top drawer was in really bad shape, so the decision was made to convert it into a three drawer!

“Don’t worry little buddy, we’ll fix you up again!”

Seems easy enough, right? Remove the top, cut the sides down put the top back on, and Presto! Jason works his magic again!

Drawer glide rails were added to this project as originally the drawers ran on a wooden rail, and did not open or close smooth.

Now it just needs a little face lift.

I mixed up a batch of blue paint, never really knowing what techniques will be used this time. But I decided on making chalk paint and then a glazing over top.

The legs are yet to be done, but they will stay brown, and distressed.

And there we have it, hopefully this dresser will get a full second life again!

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