Palletwood Mirror


Well.. Sometimes accident happen. A slip of the hand, or during shipping damage occurs.

Which is the case in our next project. A mirror, with a mirror frame. Busted. OOPS!!


So, there isn’t really all the much you can do in a case like this. you can either have the glass replaced. Or…. Get past to polished on the job, doing what we do best. Re-purpose!

It’s easy enough to take a pallet and harvest the slats. (Well, not THAT easy) But what about the spines? Usually full of nails or cracked they aren’t always the most easily reused part. Finding ones with nice lines that are in good enough shape doesn’t happen as often as you’d think!

After deconstructing a pallet for a previous job, the spines i had left over were in fairly good shape. SO, first comes removing the glass frame.. Carefully!

And then comes mapping out the wooden replacement.


The wood used needed a took a bit of very confusing angles being cut. I don’t even know how I did it. This one is truly going to be one of a kind!


This was my first attempt at using a grey stain. Weather grey. And decided the bottom frame should stick out, depending on where this mirror is used could be used to throw your keys, or add a small decorative item.IMG_20160220_213522

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