Pallet wood mirror

Sometimes I can’t decide on what’s scrap wood and what’s not. Having a wood stove in the workshop comes in handy for additional heat, and cleaning out the end cuts of past projects.

I’ve seen a few pallet come and go over the last couple of years, and usually just the slats get used. And the spines cut and burned.

I have a few mirrors that I have been collecting damaged. I could build a house of broken mirrors. Time to get to work on them!




First removing the tiles the best I could.  Using trail and error methods, eventually I figured it out.


Last year I made a king size pallet wood headboard, and now I’ve made a matching mirror to go with the piece. And as it turns out the will be ending up together.


Start with some salvage of the wood. Running it through the planer really helped cut down the time in prepping the wood.


And on to the staining and varathaning.


Once that step was complete all that was left was the placement of the tiles and adhesive to keep them in place.



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