Bedroom Set Hack

Having miscellaneous pieces of mismatched bedroom furniture, we wanted to create a complete bedroom set.

I found this set driving down the road one day, It’s last owners probably gave up on the set, it was missing drawer fronts. But we knew this was not going to stop us!


And take another dresser……..


And here comes the hack!! Like a magic act, sawing the assistant in half.


Take the two halves and make two night stands out of both Sides. With some restructuring of new sides. And a rockwell saw to make some new trim for the front in a similar shape as the dressers.


We tried to find Trim that was close to the same style of the other furniture that was going to be used in this set.

Next comes the re-purposed queen size bed..

If you follow our blog, then you wont be surprised to see that we’re going to use a couple old doors to make a queen size bed. This time we’re going to dress it up a little differently. We searched online for pictures of store bought bedroom  sets for our inspiration… (And there`s probably copyright issues, so probably best we don`t show the original picture!!)


Again add a little trim for Decor


And then do the same for the foot board


Now time for priming and painting…


And the after shots with some matching hardware. We feel the whole set came together quite nicely.

The side table are at the same height as the mattress, making them 30″ inches tall by 26″ wide

The headboard is 63″ high. The whole set is a larger scale and gives the set a lot of presence in the room.


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