Silent Auction

Some time has passed since our last blog, but we’ve fortunately/unfortunately been busy, with a few different projects on the go. Some of the project can’t be put up until we deliver and do the “Big Reveal” Ha Ha!

Some friends of ours are having a fund raiser, and we have a piece that was just about finished that wasn’t destined for anyone in particular.

And unfortunately I didn’t take pictures as I worked so, it’s just an after shot.

But it’s another one of my pallet wood creations, inspired by a friend of mine on a project she made, I just added a new idea. Chalk board paint!


So, this can be used for Keys, or as a coffee station. leave memo’s such as last minute reminders as you leave the house. Or if used as a hot drink station in the kitchen, use it to make you house hold lists.

Another fun project completed!.



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