King Size Pallet Wood / Door Headboard

A special order came in, giving me the creative rights to fashion a headboard from scratch.

The final Product

Pallet Wood Headboard

Luckily a King Size Headboard, is just about the same size as a door.


Then needed to sort through my pallets to find ones that had slats that weren’t too thin or too thick.

I did want the wood to be at varying thicknesses, but not to over do it.

So once I had the pallets needed to harvest the slats.

The easiest way we’ve found so far to remove the wood is to cut down along the sides of the spines with a skill saw,

as the nails used for pallets are designed to not come out easily, usually resulting in splitting the slats.


then lay out the pieces to make sure I had enough to cover the surface


the size of the pices i decided since most of the slats were about 3″ wide, i should do my best to keep them square

So, the next step was to make some wood tiles.



I then put made longer strips of wood for around the edge



The belt sander made for easier work, as I wanted the edges of the tiles to be irregular and dimensional as they were going

to be different heights I wanted the edges to catch light and shadow



My original layout




was then scrapped… A learning curve!





It is important to have your surface well prepared, sanding the surface to remove all of the varnish

so the glue will adhere to the surface is pretty important. Otherwise your tiles will keep popping off.

Frustrating, deflating… Pushing on!

So back to the drawing board…  I have to say, putting together a big brown puzzle with all the pieces the same size and color

wasn’t always fun! A new design, a new face!

Whats funny, is after putting it back together, I needed more tiles! I guess my original layout was more spaced out so back to cutting and sanding.


At this point, the doubt starts to set in.. what if they hate it.

after patiently waiting for months..


Well, it’s a one of a kind piece, and now it’s hung . I have to say it was worth it.

The new owners seemed happy, and that makes me happy!

The final Product

The final Product


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