Bi-fold Shutter Cabinet

We came across three sets of bi-fold closet doors. I took my inspiration from a trip to Pier 1. They had a cabinet there, the associate said her aunt was using it as a bar to hold all her bottles. That’s when I realized the versatility of that shelf, and knew I had the parts at home to make something similar.


Just a few standard bi-fold doors, pretty plain to look at. The second slatted door was missing a slat, so it’s not going to be part of the transformation.


Two of the solid panel doors were different widths, but the slatted door was the same as one of the sets, so this determined which would be the front and sides.



The mate to the back side we decided could be modified and used as the shelves for inside, it took a little surgery to make it work.


We got the shelves in places. And believe me, not a scrap of these doors was discarded from this project, up to this point this unit is solely made out of the four doors. Just re-arranged. And a few strips cut from old pallet wood to structure the frame of the shelves inside.

Now the finishing stages are being applied. We are using the left over stops from the doors, and some slats from some old wooden blinds. Creating a top and bottom skirting and using a router to give them an pretty finish. Hung our door on the front… now all it needs is a paint job.

Stay tuned for the final result!!!
Here we go, and thanks for tuned 😉

The final result is in….
We painted the piece in a home made chalk paint Color is Rustic Taupe, hand distressed, and waxed with Natural and colored furniture wax.
(photo bombed by Sadie)
side the shelves have been stained with a “Traditional Pecan” and Varathane. But it stays true to its original appearance. All of the edges and moldings were hand rotored having slight imperfections. Adding to the distressed and antiqued appearance.
(photo bombed by Sammie)

I wanted to created a panelled look one the sides, I thought the door panels were a bit too plain on the their own, so using some of the remaining wood from the cut up doors and slats from and old wood blind I built up the sides, this also served to hide the screw holes from where the shelves were fastened.

Over all, I am pleased with the finished project. There were times along the way i wasn’t sure if I liked the choices I had made, but it has come together in the end and the Rustic look could easily fit in an old Farmhouse, or instantly add character to a modern space with its Old World Charm.

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