Refinished, RePurposed Bedroom Set

So a while back we were collecting some odds and ends for bedroom furniture. The plan was we were going to do a bedroom set. We started with a couple of nightstands. And a dresser.


We came across the old TV cabinet


And this Oak Fireplace Mantle… which was always destined to be the Headboard.

We got to work sanding and priming..


at this point I even thought it would have been nice as a white set.


And today is reveal day, the set came together so nice we decided that we want to keep it for one of the spare rooms upstairs. The headboard is the show stopper…


We did a faux leather insert, we even made our own buttons with a button making kit. The buttons are covered with the material from an old suit.


And as for the TV Stand, we modified it and put in a bar across the top and turned it into a wardrobe.


This was a tedious set, it didn’t want to co-operate with us the whole way through. This set was the reason we moved our workshop out into the barn, as the dust and mess was ruining the finish. And while we were waiting for the paint to dry, it tied up our work space.

Plus that wardrobe is so heavy, I never want to lift it again!!

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